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Theory Test Agreement

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Unavailable Dates & Times 

If the selected time & date of your test becomes unavailable you will be informed and placed on our priority list to automatically reschedule your booking for the next available slot at the same test centre. We are not responsible for issues relating to unavailable dates and cancellations that occur due to covid delays, restrictions and other 3rd party issues outside of our control.

Incorrect customer details

Please ensure the details you have provided are correct as we are not held responsible for issues relating to incorrect details entered by you (the customer) that may affect your booking.  This agreement provides confirmation that you are responsible and no refund shall be provided for issues related to this. 

Pass Guarantee: 

For customers who do not pass the official exam to receive a full refund under certain limited, specified conditions. The Pass Guarantee will be provided only to a customer who meets the following conditions and qualifications:

  • Must successfully pass every practice test on

  • The customer must only fail the multiple-choice part of their driving theory test administered by DVSA and provide a true and correct copy of official proof of failure and excludes customers who fail the hazard perception part of the test.

The customer must  email us at and request a refund under the Pass Guarantee program within 30 days of purchasing an account. We will decide in our sole discretion whether an individual who requests a Refund is entitled to one.

Acceptance of Agreement:

You have read and understand the above & the Terms and Conditions. By accessing this web site and using the services, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, along with the Privacy Policy and related site provisions. We reserve the right to discontinue this program without advance notice at our sole discretion.

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