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Sample Theory Test

Give this sample test a try and see if you are ready for the real thing! This test contains 15 multiple-choice questions, each with four possible answers. Each question includes an explanation to help better illustrate the rule being tested. Try your best and choose the answers that you think are most complete and correct. Good luck and safe driving!

Based on 2024 Highway Code

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Last update: Jun 2024
Last update: Jun 2024
Last update: Jun 2024
Last update: Jun 2024
The Highway Code is not made to help you pass

How to pass the theory test?

The bad news

50% of candidates fail the theory test!

The bad news gets worse for first time candidates with +80% failing

It’s no wonder why most candidates fail. The Highway Code is a bunch of rules and regulations that isn’t helpful for studying.

The Highway Code is not designed to help you pass. That’s why so many people fail. They’re not stupid – they just didn’t have the right tools.

The good news

+90% of our students Pass first time!

Our algorithm designed to replicate the actual theory test, almost all of our students pass first time

With us you get the Highway Code, Know your Signs and +1,200 theory test practice questions tailored to help you pass your theory test first time.

And in case you fail, our Pass Protection Guarantee is there to protect you.

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Pass Protection Guranatee

If you successfully complete all the practice tests and meet the qualifying criteria, we promise you a passing grade on your theory test. If you don’t pass the official exam, your entire membership is free.

To claim

Just send us an email to with proof of your failed exam and evidence of the conditions below.

What happens next

We’ll check your account to make sure you’ve successfully completed and met the required criteria to qualify. Once that is confirmed, we’ll issue a full refund (you’ll receive a separate email confirmation).

Pass Guarantee Criteria:

  • Proof of failed exam in the form of a letter including a photo/printout (showing full name and details)
  • Successfully completed and passed all Study Theory practice tests and received the Pass Protection Guarantee certificate. 
  • Attain an average pass rate of above 90% on the theory test simulator 
  • Must complete the official DVSA exam within 30 days of placing their order with Study Theory and meet the conditions outlined in our terms and conditions.